Satin™ Fiberoptic Macintosh Blade (Large Adult) Size 4


Satin™ Fiberoptic Macintosh Blade (Large Adult)
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Satin™ Fiberoptic Macintosh Blade (Large Adult)


The most popular of the curved blade profiles.

Satin Macintosh Fiberoptic Blades feature:

  • Stainless steel construction with Satin non-glare finish
  • Fiberoptic light transmission provides cool, obstruction free viewing
  • 2.5v Halogen illumination for true tissue color and long lasting lamp performance
  • Removable light pipe facilitates cleaning and service
  • Color coded green to signify compatibility ONLY with fiberoptic handles
  • Fully compatible with all major brands of laryngoscopes conforming to ASTM F965 or ISO 7376


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Burgundy, Black, Dark Green, Navy, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal blue, Teal, Turquoise, Indigo, Frosted Glacier, Frosted Lilac, Frosted Royal Blue, Frosted Seafoam, Frosted Purple, Metallic Caribbean, Metallic Ceil Blue, Metallic Gray, Metallic Raspberry, Metallic Orchid Haze, Breast Cancer Awareness Metallic Pink


Type: Pro’s Combo
Referentie Gauge: 808
Gauge Garantie: 20 jaar
Nauwkeurigheid: +/-3mmHg tussen 10ºC en 40ºC
Opslagtemperatuur: -20ºC tot 55ºC
Ventiel type: Standaard
Aantal tubes: 2
Manchet type: ADCUFF
Manchet maat: Small Adult (19-27cm)
Inflatie garantie: 3 jaar
Manchet kleur: Adimals


Stethoscoop:               Adimals pediatrische stethoscoop ref. 618

Garantie scope:         Levenslang